“Bible Belt” boosts Bush, Republicans

This article is just more reason why we need to rid ourselves of a republican lead Congress and hopefully President.  I am sick and tired of the elitist in this country using religion to define their platform as to say that Democrats are immoral and unpatriotic. 

With all the social ill of the world;  our sub-par educational system, failed health care policies, and crime this ignorant, Holier Than Though Evangelical Fantatics are only concerned with the homosexuality and abortion.  They are not even concerned with the failed Bush policies in Iraq.  Listen to what this woman had to say about the war in Iraq:

“”I support the president. I think he is a fine Christian man and his morals and values represent our country to a wonderful degree,” said Bobbitt, in a view echoed by others at a recent rally in Dublin for Republican congressional candidate Mac Collins.”

I could have swore that in this country we believe in the separation of “Church and State”  Ms. Bobbitt has clearly forgotten this concept.  I am a Democrat and a Christian and there is nothing Immoral about my beliefs.  I don’t wear my religion on my sleeves as I know that Christianity is not the only religion in this world.  I also do not impose my beliefs on other people.  People have the right to choose what they feel fit for them. 

Even with proof, that this Administration used faulty intelligence to invade a country, these radical,southern (mostly white Christians) in this country still think Bush is a wholesome Christian.  Do they attend church with him?  Are they family friends?  Do wholesome warm blooded American Christians lie to get their way?  That is what Bush did.  And where is Bin Laden?  That is who attacked us, not Saddam.  But these bible belt wearing soothsayers will never admit to that. 

In the article some of the people interviewed kept referring to radical Islam.  The say that this is a different type of war and only Bush and the GOP have the country’s best interest at heart.  One person actually said that Democrats don’t want to win the war on Terror just to punish bush for failed Iraq Policies.   In other words, she knows that we should not have invaded Iraq but it doesn’t really matter to her because it’s not happening in her backyard.  The typical ignorant and arrogant mind set of the elitist in this country. 

What these people do not understand is that we have entered into a religious war.  The terrorist we are blindly fighting, believe that it is their God given right to occupy land in the middle east.  They have been fighting since the biblical days.  These terrorists will die for their God; Americans die fo their country.  These terrorist raise their children to hate the enemy and die for their God; Americans do not.  We have entered into a life long war that will never end. 

So to the bible-belt fans who really believe Bush is a good Southern Chrisitian man, keep believeing that; maybe after the GOP loosescontrol of Congress on Tuesday and then the Presidency in 2008, they can invite Bush to bible study at their church because he obviously missed a few classes.


4 Responses

  1. Dude, try being an atheist in this country. People like Bush have us lower on the “good” scale than Hitler.

  2. dear mr. nativeson:
    you have expressed your opinion, your disgust, your disagreements with those right winged christians. you are free to express your opionion, just as EVERY OTHER AMERICAN christian and non-christian do. just because someone talks about their faith does not mean THEY ARE PUSHING IT on someone else, nor does it have anything REMOTELY to do with the separation of church and state. stop whining about everyone having the same rights that you exercise with your writing and grow up!!

  3. Dear Cynthia:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I wanted to remind you as I stated in my post that I am a Christian and sometimes I feel that some people are so consumed with religion that they miss the point. My grandmother use to describe these people as “being so heavenly bound that they are no earthly good” By the tone of your response, perhaps you may be one of those people lol. The bottom line is this my blog and I can say what I want, which is why it is my blog. But thanks again for responding!!

  4. I don’t think Cynthia read the blog that she responded to, but her remarks are, none the less, amusing. The writting is childish and the argument incoherent- which is typical of the defence offered ole W, his cronies and their actions.
    But, if I were to defend those actions from the stand point of a fundamentalist christian I might point out that the bible tells us that all Arabs are the decendants of Ishmael, who was the son of Abraham and his wife Sarah’s slave Hagar. The bible also tells us that Ishmael and all that follow in his line will be “wild asses of men, who’s hands will be against everyone and whom everyone’s hand will be against.”
    It’s just like the Ham defence all over again raised up from the still smoldering ashes of the Antebellum south. Or maybe it’s the ghost of all those failed crusades. Either way, it’s ugly and ultimatly irrational. God help us all.

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