Blacks to Gain Post if Democrats Take House

If Democrats take control  of the House tomorrow, (which I anticipate they will) there will be a huge amount of African Americans that should be in line to to take key chairmanship positions over committees.  This would be a historic event because it will be the first time this has happened.  The Congressional Black Caucus will be the most powerful Caucus in the history of Congress.

Chairmanship has historically based off of seniority, and it has been rumored that Nancy Pelosi (The Democratic Minority House Leader who is line to become Speaker of the House) is entertained the thought of mixing up the way members of the House become Chairmen of House committees.  She has mentioned maybe chairmanship should be based on the amount of money one raise for the DNC.  If she does decide to change up, she better be ready for a huge show down.  I am not one for pulling the race card, but why would you change how members are appointed to key positions now? 


One Response

  1. That is an interesting, but chilling, point you make. Why WOULD she do that? Will equality ever be reached in America?

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