Ward Connerly Has Lost his Damn Mind!!


Just when you think this idiot could not go any lower; Ward Connerly sadly disappoints.  Not only is this black man the father of abolishing affirmative action in California, he is now attempting to do the same thing in Michigan; Prop No.2.  Check out the youtube clip below; in it, Connerly gives his blessings for the Ku Klux Klan for supporting his Anti-Affirmative Action initiative, because he believes that it abolishing Affirmative Action will provide equality for everyone. Connerly has coined the term “colorless society” to define what he is attempting to do.  Well if this were colorless society, the Klan would not be in existence, and they would not have been a Civil Right’s Movement.  And they would not be a need for the Voting Right’s and the Civil Right’s Act, and more importantly a need for Affirmative Action.

Ward Connerly Has Major Issues


This man has serious self hatred issues.  The Ku Klux Klan was established to spread fear and hate upon people of color, specifically black people.  They are a terrorist group and this government has the nerve to grant them protection under the Constitution!!  And this man has the nerve to endorse the Klan if they are in favor of his anti affirmative action bill?  I don’t use this term often, but Ward Connerly is a sell out and has internal self hate issues.  I hope the voters in Michigan come out in droves to vote against the Connerly proposal. 

Affirmative Action is a program to level the playing field, and white women have benefited the most from Affirmative Action; more than black people.  Connerly and other anti affirmative action supports argue that the program only causes more divide and is not fair to main stream America.   that could be further from the truth.  In response to Connerly’s misinterpretation of Affirmative Action, I encourage everyone to check out the “13 Myths of Affirmative Action.” 


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