Prince George’s County: In Shambles

I am so embarassed that I live in a county where its residents vote based on image instead of substance (Washigton Post).   It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the Johnson Administration is taking us on a free ride.  We see the bootleg mall in Largo and the Harbor Project in Oxon Hill and think that Johnson is actually doing something for our county while his administration and other county law makers bend us over. 

This is ridiculous, and some of my fellow ignorant county residents voted this fool Jack Johnson back into office!!! This County is a complete mess and we have no one to blame but ourselves for not holding these idiots accountable!!! WAKE UP RESIDENTS OF PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY!! Stop voting for people just because you are use to seeing them. You should have voted for Baker for county executive!!! It is time for new blood in Prince Georges County Government!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Living in N Va. I don’t get to make out there very often – about 4-5 times a month – but I seem to hear two extremes when it comes to PG.

    I hear about the affluent African American population on the one hand, but then I hear a lot of complaint on the other as if it is going down the drain.

  2. The County does consist of huge population of Affluent African Americans, but we have become too comfortable, we are not politically active. They throw up a mall and a new harbor and that is enough for most of them. it’s sad, to see that even after all the corruption in the current administration, they re-elected Jack Johnson. So we are going to get what we deserve!!

  3. You make very valid points. Personally, I was completely flabbergasted that Jack was reelected and this new story is just another sign that this county is headed in the wrong direction.

    By the way (in case you didn’t know) your blog was noted in the Washington Post Express on page 40. Congrats and check it out here:

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