D.C. Principal in Limbo

When will we realize that education is the key to success?  When will we in the black community come together and support our teachers and principals.  This article really pisses me off because this principal was doing the best job he could under the circumstances.  He was trying to break up a fight, which is to be applauded because these days our youth fight with more then just fist.  While he is trying to break up the spectators and the actual fight, he is then jumped by a student, and know this little punk wants to sue the principal and the city?  What the F!@#???

I have a message for parents who this child.  I do think you will loose their case.  Their son should not have been trying to look at the fight, and when students physically get out of control, then drastic measures must be taken.  Their son is the child and not the adult.  Children don’t put their hands on adults.  If he was man enough to touch a principal who is ex-military, then he deserves to get his ass whipped.  And the parents who are suing need to get your ass whipped as well.  I am sck and tired of parents who do not teach their children respect for adults.  If you see a fight at school and an adult tells you to move on, then you move on PERIOD!!  The city should be suing the parents not the other way around.


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