Has Dick Gregory Lost his Mind?

I was listening to the Joe Madison Show this morning and he had Dick Gregory on his show.  One of the discussions  was the Michael Richards incident.  And the activist Dick Gregory, is defending the use of the “N” word.  He claims that you take the sting out of the word when you use it.  He said that if the word doesn’t apply to you then it shouldn’t offend you.  I could not Disagree with him more.  I can’t believe this 75 y/o black man is sitting up on a national radio show defending the the usage of the “N” word.  Out of all people, he should know better, and his justifications were weak and based on pure ignorance.  He actually said that since white people created the word to demean us that we should break the hold it has on us by using the word. 

What about our ancestors who were lynched?  what about all of those black folk during the Civil Right’s movement who had rocks thrown at them and called that word by white people?  They can’t speak for themselves, but we can.  I refuse and reject Mr. Gregory’s view on this issue and will not use the word! 


One Response

  1. There is a bit of sense in what he is saying actually. Dick Gregory is not a ignorant man. Considering his age and his experience he shows his actual wisdom and is yet another person on the planet that has come to a level of enlightenment where he overstands the bigger picture. You can either embrace the the foul that has been created for you to accept or you can rise above it.

    Words only hurt due to truth or how you take them.

    Like Dave Chappelle said, Who decided that the word Nigger would make black people angry for the rest of history.

    If there was no word, I assume that none of the other atrocities that exist by the hands of evil men would have ever happened. If eliminate certain words then hate and racism will cease.

    If one person has come to a point where they have elevated above a nasty word and are no longer held back by it where it consumes their being then let him be. You don’t have the right to tell him he’s wrong for not acknowlegding the word. If you still have issues with it that all well and fine but it does not give you the right to say he’s lost his mind. Well you can actually say what you want to I really can’t tell you what you should say. Actually what I should say is that you should respect his opinion on the matter for it is his opinion.

    people spend time arguing over a word. Never to realize it is merely a decoy. While everything else is wrong with the world and chaotic.

    Let’s embrace those thing that do exist in life that are good. Let’s put the same amount of energy we use to battle over the use of a single word to work in things that we can see eye to eye on.

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