Slow Your Roll Pelosi, Pump Your Brakes!!

There is no reason in the world why Hastings should not be the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.  If Pelosi’s goal is to “clean up” up the House from scandal, there would be no one left. 

Hastings was charged in a bribery sting but was acquitted in 1983.  Some people were convinced that his defense was fabricated which lead to him being impeached from his Federal Court position in 1988.  Soon afterwards the Justice Department concluded that an agent fabricated their testimony against Hastings, but the case was never reopened. 

Is There a Double Standard?

So if Pelosi is basing her decision based on his bribery case she is way off base.  He is more than qualified for the position.  He has all of the necessary clearances and he all ready sits on the Intelligence Committee!!  And let’s not forget that President Bush has selected former interim CIA Directer, Robert Gates to be the next Secretary of Defense.  For those of you who don’t remember Gates, let me refresh your memory.  Gates served under daddy Bush.  Questions were raised about Gates’ knowledge of the Iran-Contra scandal, so he withdrew from consideration to take over the CIA permanently. Yet he stayed on as deputy director.   

Pelosi is treading on thin ice, and just when there is going to be an unprecedented number of African Americans serving in Chairmanship positions one has to wonder; is Mainstream America getting scared?


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