Webb Holds His Ground

I think that Webb did nothing wrong. Washington Post.  some have stated that Webb’s comments were rude and that if he didn’t want to meet the President then he should not have gone to the White House.  I disagree.

Webb went to the White House because he is a new Senator.  He avoided the President and did not want to take picture with him.  So when Bush asked him how his boy was (Webb’s son is in Iraq)  Webb responded that he wants to bring the soldiers home.  Bush then responded: “I didn’t ask you that”  That’s where Bush went wrong.  He should have said I understand your frustration and we are doing the best we can, or something to that affect.  Bush does not have one family member over there.  Webb is a Vet and his son is serving.  The Bush twins are traveling the world getting drunk and partying 


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