World AIDS Day

Please get tested everyone.  Please do not be ignorant.  AIDS is not a gay disease, it is not a black disease, it is not something you can get by touching someone or standing in the same room!!

D.C. has the highest rate of the United States!!  It rivals some third world countries!!  One of the reasons for this is the lack of social programs that Congress would not let D.C. use its own funds to participate in needle exchange programs.  Baltimore, which is a poorer city than D.C. has a lower rate than D.C. and contributes this to their needle exchange program.   

The Church Needs to Wake Up

This a time that churches and church folk stop pointing fingers and judging people and get into your community service mode.  Start embracing people with AIDS.  Do outreach in the community.  Preaching abstinence is not he answer.  People are still having sex regardless of when you think they should have it.  The church could contribute so much more in the struggle to fight and educate the community on AIDS!

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2 Responses

  1. Great first couple of paragraph. However, I’m not sure that aiming the second half of your post at “the Church” is very fair. I know plenty of people who do AIDS outreach through their churches. (Including my parents who went to Africa through their church.)

  2. Law-Rah:

    I agree with you. I know there are a lot of churches are stepping up to the plate, but I think overall, a lot of churches still shy away from HIV/AIDS. But I am glad to hear that your parents are contributing to this global problem

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