Andy Dick,  is the latest person to use the N-word.  Making a spoof of the Michael Richards incident.  I fail to see the humor in any of this.  It has become joke time on black people.  Racism still exists in this country, it is institutionalized and at times can be blatant like in the Michael Richards and now Andy Dick incidents. 

There is a reason why black people are at the bottom of the majority of social factors in this country, and it is not because we are lazy.  We are suffering from the aftermath of social opression and racism.  Some believe that since the days of “seperate and unequal” in the 50’s are in he thing of the past, that we are all equal; this is a huge misconception.  Since we were not permitted to be equal to our white counterparts for so long, we still are suffering.  And we can not and I will not blame it on soley on self empowerment.  There is a rooted system of racism that still exist in this country. But we as black people do play some part in this…. 

Even though the N-word was and still is used by white people to demean black people, some of us continue to use the word using some warped excuse of taking the “sting” out of the word.  how ignorant can some us really be? Black people do you see what is happening?  Black people who have criticized Rev.  Jackson, Sharpton and Congresswoman Maxine Waters for calling to end using the N-word, should take heed to this.

Since some have accepted the use of N-word, main stream America does not take us seriously.  They claim that since some black people use it, then what’s the big deal.  This is a prime example of how black people in the country are underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.  And the sad part about this is that through cultural conditioning, some black people have succumb to exploiting and undervaluing themselves.  

I have read many article and editorials where main stream America is “tired” of black people complaining about the Michael Richards incident.  They claim that Richards has apologize and we (black community) should move on.  Once again this is a prime example of how this country does not respect the history nor do they want to recognize the seriousness of this matter, that is what is pissing me off the most.  The notion that a word used to demean and terrorize a group of people solely on the color of their skin is a big deal.

Damon Waynes


I can not believe this ignorant brother (Article 1, Article 2).  First he tries to get the N-word trademarked; twice!!!  now he show up at the laugh factory, knowing that word was banned at the Laugh Factory, and decided to use the N-word in his routine.  This is what he has to say:

“Give yourselves a big round of applause for coming down and supporting ‘N’ Night'”

The producers “tried to prep me backstage — ‘Don’t say the N-word.’ They’re going to fine me.”How much you want?”

“I’ll be damned if the white man uses that word last” 

“This is part of our culture now” “Don’t take that from us.”

Are you kidding me?  Damon is too old to even make these types of ignorant comments.  We didn’t create the word, so who is taking what from us?  The N-word is not apart of black culture, it is a word that was used during our oppression, it was and still is used to demean and belittle our ancestors, and through cultural conditioning some of us have adopted the word into our music and entertainment and daily living; and out of ignorance, some use the word as a term of endearment.  But these comments are coming from a brother who has tried twice to get N-word trademarked.

This is not a competition to see who can use the word last.  anyone would common sense knows that there will always be racist people in this world such as hate groups who will use the word in their inner circles and at hate rallies.  Which is more reason why we need to stop using the Damn WORD!!!!  Why can’t some my people understand this????

My worst nightmare is coming true.  Now since the black community is arguing with each other over the usage of the word, main stream America has is using the moment for entertainment value.  The more we in the black community don’t come to a consensus on the word, main stream America will continue to take us as a joke.  Jay-Z said he believes we can say anything, so I would challenge him to call a Jewish person a Kike on his next song and see what will happen. This is just not good, we are at the bottom on every health and social list, and the most disrespected people in world; even though historically we have been the most oppressed.  This is not a good time for black people right now.


5 Responses

  1. I grew up the Caribbean, so my first exposure to the word was here in the states. It was the source of much confusion for me, because I was told it was a bad word for black people, yet I heard them using it all the time .

    The word, IMO is useless and has no power over me; I don’t use it. I don’t know any n***as/n***ers or however you wanna spell it, and I’m not one. As far as I’m concerned, just because a white person doesn’t say the word, doesn’t mean s/he isn’t thinking of stringing me over a tree, so I proceed with caution whether the word is employed or not.

    I was having a discussion with a black woman the other day, and she said she’ll never support anything even remotely related to Michael Richards, including all the other actors on Seinfeld. She said she’s gonna hit them where it hurts – in their wallets. And in th e next breath, she cited Dave Chapelle as one of her favorite comedians. That was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Far as I’m concerned, if you’re gonna make a stand against something, it should be a universal one, not selective based on race. Dave Chapelle had one of the highest grossing shows on Comedy Central…where was the indignance and public outcry at his usage of the word then? Where was the withdrawal of financial support then?

    I’m more pissed off about the “50 years ago…” part of Michael’s rant than his use of the word. But that’s just me.

  2. Simplenigma:

    I agree with you. Even if we stop using the word, racism will still exist in this country. But I think this has more to do with racial hatred this word has and how it was used and is still used against our people.

    As you pointed out, the person you were talkng to, was disgusted by what Michael Richards said, but then in the same sentence said she liked Dave Chapelle, who himself has had a enlightened moment recently. some in the black people community think that we are beating up on ourselves instead of Richards.

    I think what we are doing is holding Ricahrds responsible for the intense racial remarks, but at the same time exposing the ugliness of being culturally conditioned to believe that white is superior and black is inferior. And there lies this notion that “us” using the N-word, is somehow taking the sting out of the word.

  3. If something someone says has the power to affect how you feel, that person has power over you. It’s not your choice what others say. It is your choice how you feel about it.

  4. J:

    I understand where you are coming from. I think that we are missing the point. I am not any less of a person because someone who calls me that word. I am looking at it from a historical context. This word has too much hatred behind it for us to use. Once again, you will never, EVER see jewish people callin each other kike, or embracing it. And you will never hear a non Jewish person, rather it be comedy or music, use that word in EVER. Jewish people would not allow it. They understand how the Nazi’s used that word in addition to the genocide that was inflicted upon them. It should be the same way with black people. That word was used to demean black people and was used in addition to lynching us. We should not use it, and we damn well should not let others use it. Once again we have bought into the cultural conditioning which causes white people and ourselves to be underestimated, undervalued and grossly marginalized.

  5. I always had a feeling that the n-word used by blacks would come back to haunt us. And now we’re seeing the results.

    Damon Wayans is an idiot.

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