Cry Me River

This is what George H. Bush (Daddy Bush) feels about his son’s job performance, President George W.  Bush, running the country……


It appears Daddy Bush can’t believe how bad his son is running the country.  But look on the bright side Daddy Bush.   Your son has two more years in office to correct some of his numerous screw-ups.

Okay, I lied; he was crying because he is proud of his other son, Jeb Bush.  We should all be happy for Jeb.  We should thank him for the voter intimidation against black people in the 2000 Presidential elections, we should also be appreciative that under his Governorship, a 14 y/o black boy was brutally beat to death at a boot camp for teens.  and to add insult to injury, they orginally reported the orignial cause of death was from a Sickle Cell trait.  So yes!!! We Should be so proud of Jeb Bush and George bush for that matter!!  I am shedding a couple of tears right now


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  1. A hellava thing to be proud of…

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