Earth to 50 Cent: The World Does not Revolve Around You

I wish 50 Cent  will shut the hell up.  Has it ever occurred to 50 cent that maybe the reason why Oprah doesn’t have rappers like himself or Ludacris on her show because…..


And why would a 50+ year old sophisticated self made billionaire who builds schools in Africa, gives millions of dollars to HBCU’s and stressing the importance of education want to profile who refers to woman (especially black woman) as bitches and ho’s; Someone who had a hit song called “Candy Stick.”

And let’s not forget Ludacris also complaining about Oprah.  He claims she is not in touch with Hip-Hop.  I wonder why she has never had Ludacris on her show?  I thought his new single: “Money Maker” was a positive inspiration to all black woman………… 

Here is some advice for all of my fellow hip-hop artist who are complaining about Oprah:  It’s her show, and she can have whoever the hell she wants to on her show!!  Stop hatin and crying like a bunch of sissies!!!


One Response

  1. In my circle, one would say that this is a Nigger bashing a Negro.

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