Conservatives Once Again Show their Ignorance

Here we go again. Conseravtives, (Bill O’Reilly likes to call himself and his group Traditionalist)  are up in arms because newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison, wants to get sworn in using the Quran instead of the Bible.

I guess Ellison forgot that Christianity was the only religion in the world when it comes to conservative evangelical Christian elittist……….

What this really shows is main stream America’s inability to embrace diversity, it is either their way or nothing at all.  Some white people (not all) are so ignorant and intolerant to other ethnicities and cultures that they forget that the United States Constitution grants us the freedom of religion.  Congressman Ellis is an American and loves his country; and more importantly, he won that seat in the House, and I am quite sure that voters of all ethnicities and religious faiths voted for him.  So conservatives please shut the hell up!!!!


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