FBI has Former School Board Super. in the Act

Criminals!!!   Everyone in the Prince George’s County Government are frauds, and we keep voting the same old chicken heads back in office.  This is such an embarrassment for our county.  For God’s sake Hornsby was the leader of our educational system.  I cringe at the thought of what other public officials in Upper Marlboro have and are committing.  We need to clean house people!!!!


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  1. With today’s easy technoloical access, didn’t anyone in Prince George’s Co. ask Yonkers Schools why they terminated Hornsby’s contract early? Yonkers launched a national search for a Supt.of Schools, when Hornsby
    surfaced, to avoid promoting from within. Unnecessary dollars and sense later,that could have facilitated reading scores in this inner city underachiving district. Westchester County NY didn’t investigate reports of Hornsby? Will they now? Maryland scored another former Yonkers administrator, Frank Critton, who was denied tenure here, before later firings in Maryland. FRank is the twin of Patrick Critton, who was on the FBI’s most wanted for terrorist acts in the 1970s…Google his name. Then, there was Betsey Hardeman [now retired to FL], Yonkers Asst. Supt of Schools, who played puppeteer with the tenure of deserving, successful teachers and was charged in federal court by at least 3 former educators, who won suits. Doesn’t anyone do their “homework” any more?

    You want to know who cares about children, about educating them, about helping kids supersede difficult
    home environments? Teachers. Those who ae in the ring every day.

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