Illegal immigration Crackdown?

Reported in the Washington Post, ICE agents raided a plant in Colorado where they found hundreds of illegal immigrants.

Worker advocates condemned yesterday’s raids, which came without warning. They advised detainees to remain silent and contact attorneys.

“These actions today by ICE are an affront to decency,” said Mark Lauritsen, a spokesman for the United Food and Commercial Workers union, which sought an injunction in court to halt the raids and planned protests around the country. Federal agents essentially stormed plants “in an effort designed to terrorize” workers, he said.

These workers had social security numbers and other legal papers that are fabricated.  So please explain to me why we should feel sorry for these people.  The President of the company is saying that they did nothing wrong.  He claims that what the government did was against the employees Civil Rights.  Are you kidding me?  These people used fabricated federal documents to obtain employment.  And they are not citizens!!!!  And then these compaines don’t want to hire the working class people and black people for these jobs because they demand living wages. 

And the government is to blame for all of this.  The Government only wants to band aid the problem, they know that these companies who help to fund campaigns want cheap labor so they can turn huge profits, if they hired Americans who demand a decent living wage, the CEO couldn’t get that 2 million dollar bonus….


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