Donald Trump: Trumped America

Tara Conneris an underaged girl who hit the NY night circuit.  She drinks, uses cocaine; oh and she happens to be the new Ms USA. 

Donald trump has decided not to take away her continue her crown.  Could it be that Trump believes in second chances?  Or does he believe that her wild partying and destructive behavior will bring more attention to an event that has in recent years lost its spark?  Everyone knows that people have stopped watching these beauty competitions, and now we have Paris Hilton’s little cousin spicing things up, which makes for good TV and publicity. 

Trump as we all know has always been a media whore…lol  this is no different.  It is quite clear why he did not “fire” her; she just inadvertently raised his popularity and brought attention back to a diminishing TV pageant circuit


2 Responses

  1. I think Trump believes in hot chicks and positive publicity more than second chances.

  2. I agree, Trump was more intrested in the publicity than he was with disciplining her for her actions.

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