Michael Wilbon’s Editorial on the Knicks/Nuggets Fight

I have always appreciated Wilbon.  He has always been objective in his reporting. 

The NBA, NFL and NHL are professional sports organizations that rack in Billions of dollars; they are businesses.  Commissioner Stern calls the shots and if his vision for the league is to be more professional then that is his choice.  You don’t have to play if you don’t like the guidelines.  

Are there racial implications?  Sure, but only because the majority of players are black.  These brothas are still getting paid millions, they get huge shoe contracts and are icons in this country. 

I am not buying the racial implications in this case.  Yeah I know they fight in hockey which consist mostly of white players, but they do have plexiglas which serves as a barrier from the puck hitting a fan and also to protect fans from getting trampled over by players fighting.  So if you want to fight, then put down your basketball and pick up a hockey stick…  I am not buying the NBA’s policy as being racist because the league consist of African Americans. 

Steve Francis Says the incident is Race-Biased

Steve francis  really needs to shut the hell up.  Instead of complaining that the low tolerance policy in the NBA is somehow racially motivated (even though these brothas makes millions and millions of dollars whine like little babies over every single thing), Steve Francis and the rest of the black players on the Knicks basketball team should be speaking out about the Sean Bell murder case. They should have been marching with Al Sharpton earlier that day protesting police brutality.  I have not heard one of this privileged spoiled brats speaking out against Darfur or any other social issues that really affect black people.  Sure some of them may build community centers in their old neighborhoods (which is great) but they can and should do so much more. 


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