Cell Phones!!

My boy “Thinking Black Man”  posted a great blog on how people can be so annoying and rude by not knowing when and where to use their cell phones

It is so annoying when people’s cell phones go off in public, especially while you are eating out or in the movies.  People have lost all respect for one another.  When I was in grad school last year, my professor would not tolerate it at all, you better had swtiched your phone to vibrate before you entered her classroom.  My cell phone is always on vibrate, you will never hear my phone go off.

and these people with music as their ringers really piss me off!!  And most of the songs are vulgar and then instead of them hurrying up to answer the hpeon, they will let the song play while they look at the caller ID to see who is calling them; just answer the damn phone!! 

And I really can’t stand those people who have NEXTEL Phones.  The walkie talkie feature is so annoying and 9 times out of 10 the people who are pagin them want nothing. We have to seat around and hear people asking: (beep) what’s up (Beep), (beep)  nothing chillin at the store (beep),  (beep) oh for real?  You coming through today (beep), (beep) yeah I am (beep).  I hate that with a passion….lol  Don’t get me started… lol


One Response

  1. I have a Nextel, but I’ll be damned if I ever use that walkie-talkie. What’s the point?

    I also hate Verizon. The train used to be a place of temporary solace from cell phone users, but Verizon phones work underground, unfortunately.

    When will it come to an end?

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