I am sorry but what was the point of this article?  I am a 30 y/o black professional and I am not really feeling this article.  Though I appreciate the author giving insight on how black men have a certain style and demeanor, but was this article really needed for the Being a Black Man Series?

Cool to me is knowing that as a black man, I come from a strong group of people who endured oppression and still kept their faith; understanding that the freedoms I enjoy today are because of the selfless sacrifices that our ancestors made so that I could have choice to go to college and vote in elections.  That is what cool means to me; not so much how I walk or what I wear.

I always look forward to reading James Collier’s Blog page: “Acting white”  Here are two blog post he made about this article. 

Cool 1

Cool 2

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  1. Yeah, I’m tired of the “cool” thing, especially when there are more pressing issues. There are several problems with that series.

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