Congressional Black Caucus Swearing in Ceremony

Today we have the most African Americans in congress then ever, and as of today we have the most African American Congressman in key chairmenship positions then ever before. 

As I watched history unfold today on C-span, one thing kept nagging me and annoying; Dr.  Micahel Eric Dyson.  Dyson was chosen to be the Master of Ceremony for today’s event.

He can’t complete a sentence without using 101 adjectives and adverbs to make his statement.  During the ceremony he used lyrics from Jay-Z to compare one of the members of the CBC.  and kept making comments like: “well even though this is Congress, this is a black event”  and “you know how we do it”

He tries so hard to be cool or to let everyone knows that he is down with hip-hop that he over does it every single time.  Just shut up and read the script.  He means well, but he is so annoying.  He talked so much today that they had to keep passing notes for him to wrap it up.  So Dr. Dyson, as much as we appreciate your calling for justice for people of color, sometimes you just need to shut up and take a chill pill….


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