Is this the dawn of a new Era?: The GOPs Crying and whinning in Public to the Press

Thank you Dana milbank  for writing this piece.  I could not stop laughing at the press conference on C-Span today with the now Minority GOP members of Congress crying about a bill that they want passed that will make things “fair” to minority partys in Congress.  It was the same bill Nancy Pelosi attempted to bring up to the GOP when they had control of Congress, and it was shot down. 

GOP are a bunch of cry babies. They know when Pelosi submitted this same bill when Democrats were in the minority, they laughed and struck it down, now they are crying because Democrats are not going to pass the same proposal for them?  You have to be kidding me? shut up you elitist punks!!!


5 Responses

  1. Too funny…though I think it’s just as funny that Pelosi proposed a similar bill earlier. I wish both parties would stop worrying about their own little egos and propose bills that would solve some of the nation’s problems. Don’t get me wrong, though, the Republicans are a bunch of elitist punks (with no sense of shame or irony).

  2. David:

    I agree, I wish both parties roll up their sleeves and start doing the work of the people; not just the wealthy 1%, but for all people. We are in the middle of a war, and a 1 trillion dollar budget. The GOP’s claim to fame is that they don’t believe in big government spending like Democrats, but look what they have done; they not only spend big, they allow the private industry to cash in on huge tax benefits.

  3. I’m praying that the Democrats learned something from all the mistakes the Republicans made. I’m hoping the Democrats learned from all the mistakes THEY made. The last thing this country needs is history repeating itself.

  4. Julie:

    Let us all hope they everyone in Congress has learned from their mistakes. and we also need to make sure that we start holding our public officials accountable

  5. I consider the republicans to be hypocrits. Having said that no one has a monopoly on coruption or anything else good or bad. Like you said the dems need to roll up thier sleeves and do whats best for the majority of americans. Good post Native. Peace

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