Newly Elected Mayor Fenty Proposes to take over Schools

I think the Mayor’s proposal  is a great idea.  I wish other counties and cities would follow suit. 

DC public Schools are a complete mess.  What has the school board done?  Robert Bobb really needs to get over himself.  Representatives keep saying that they believe that the people have voted.  But it’s the people who are the problem.  Parents have checked out of their children’s education. You can’t get them to come to PTA meetings, and teacher conferences, but they know how to complain once their child is disciplined or suspended.  So I say run with it Mayor Fenty,  so then if things don’t work out, you know exactly who to blame.  The local school districts in the DC Metro area are a complete mess.  The school board members and others opposed to the Mayor taking over the schools, are mad because they need power to feel important and are not putting the needs of the children in front of themselves.


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