Oprah Winfrey: Ceases to Amaze

Hats off once again to Oprah Winfrey.  she has opened up a $40 million dollar school in South Africa for young black girls.  Time after time Oprah gives back to communities in the United States and abroad, and she has never forgotten where she came from, and she has never denied her blackness.

Which is why people piss me off when they criticize her.  I have read several op-ed pieces talking about how this was too much for the impoverished Country in Africa.  Some have also blasted Oprah because they feel that she should have used that money to build schools in Chicago. 

The Continent of Africa is rich of natural resources and oil, and if a country an Africa is impoverished, it is because people in this world have exploited and stolen these resources for their own consumption. Those young black girls need to know that they are loved and that they are not ugly and they can achieve anything they want to in life. 

So for a billionaire like Oprah, $40 million dollars is more then appropriate.  This country should move toward a universal Federally controlled educational system, where all children  regardless of race and economic status are taught using the same curriculum across each of the 50 states.  it would be easier to donate money with the satisfaction of knowing that one district will not get any more then another district. 


3 Responses

  1. Yo Native I enjoyed this article about the inniative that oprah is funding. Also I too am a Native Pg county man, anyway I am trying to get together a small group of folks who are creative and want to do something about the issues facing black people in this country and the world. I have got some ideas that I would like to think tank on anyway check out my new blog that will focus on black history in an audio format available to everyone.http://blackaudiohistoryproject.blogspot.com/ Good post dog.

  2. Unfortunately, people feel no hesistancy in telling others how best to direct their generosity. The combination of guilt and entitlement is the knockout blow we give ourselves. Reminding ourselves what each of us can do for our own benefit is a more productive use of energy. Complaints about Oprah sound like ‘crabs in barrel’.

  3. I believe Oprah is amazing. She has this energy to her that is unexplainable and is truly admirable and amazing. She is actually nominated for Favorite Talk Show Host at the Poeple’s Choice Awards. Tune in to see if she will be taking home the award on January 9 on CBS at 9pm. I work for the People’s Choice Award Community and you can also go to http://pcavote.webboard.com and leave a question for your favorite celebrity (OPRAH!) and it might be chosen to be answered LIVE during the broadcast. Check it out and leave a question!

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