Prince George’s County 2007; Nothing has Changed

And why did some of us in the county vote that idiot Jack Johnson back into office again?  Crime and is rampid  in my county and nothing has changed.  This is not the way to start out 2007.  Has jack Johnson spoken about a new crime initative?  All his administration is concerned with is the harbor project.

What is the use of bringing a billion dollar project to a county that continues to be crime infested???  I just don’t get it, when will step up to this boot-leg administration and say enough is enough.


3 Responses

  1. I appreciate your blog with all your opinions and concern for the county you live in. There’s a county civic federation meeting tonight at Kettering Middle School at 7:30. Feel free to join us and help us make a difference in the county:

    Also, do you mind if I list your blog on this page?:

  2. Well, apparently I did know about your blog as long ago as Jan. (Where has the time gone?!) Would it be too much to ask that you create a category for Prince George’s County, so that I can link to that instead of your entire blog. I’ve asked others to do that & they’ve obliged. Then if you could use that category when you blog about county issues, it would show up on right now there are a lot of posts by you there that are not about the county. I like reading your blog, but don’t have time to read it all. Please email me if you decide to create the category so I can link to it. Thanks!

    (BTW, I don’t see a link to email you anywhere, so that’s why I’m posting in your blog.)

  3. BTW, you can find links to email me from my site or my personal blog or use info [at] Thanks!

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