Wesley Autrey: A Man We All Can be Proud Of


Every so often we hear stories like this.  What Wesley Autrey did could be summed up in two words; selflessness and brave. 

So often the only time you see or hear about an black man in or on the news, it is negative; it was refreshing to see the opposite.  This is just a feel good story no matter how you look at it; but some will always try to be negative…..

I was listening to the Joe Madison Show  and callers were repsonding and giving praise to Autrey; when one brother called in and said it was not hard to believe that Autrey saved this young man’s life, because as black people have been conditioned to protect our white masters. He went on to say if the boy was black, Autrey would not have risked his own life to save the boy.

I almost lost it, as did Joe Madison lol.  To even put race in this is not only ignorant on the callers behalf, but shows that some of us get so caught up in the historical oppression of our people, that it has poisoned our way of thinking; we become victims of the same type of conditioning that we once crippled us in the first place.  This was an act of selflessness and a great example for humanity and it had nothing to do with skin color.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that someone was dumb enough to say that. What Mr. Autrey did has nothing to do with color, it has everything to do with humanity. Was that caller implying that black people are incapable of a selfless act?

  2. Julie:

    I can’t tell you how mad I was to hear this clown make such ignorant ocmments

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