Blacks’ Long Anxiety Over Churchill Grows

I read this story in the Washington Post  this morning and thought it was worth discussing.  The principal of Winston Churchill High School is facing some heat over a letter that was sent home after a recent fight occurred.  Here is a portion of the letter:

“Every incident revolving around this two month ordeal has been Black-on-Black violence”

What does the color of the students skin have to do with the safety of all the students (black, white and other) at Churchhill?  The statement she made gave the perception that she was warning white parents that these students were causing trouble simply because they were black, or that white parents should not be concerned because the fighting at the school have only involved black students.  What about the black students who were not even involved in the fight?  I can only imagine what they are feeling.  The bottom line is the letter was not well written.   

I understand that this is a top notch school; and fights may not be common at Churchill; so why not state that the conflict that had taken place was an isolated incident?  If the students involved in this conflict were white, the letter would not have included the color of their skin.  That is all she had to write in the letter.  While I do not think that the principal is racist, her comments were prejudice.  I do believe that she is doing the right thing to meet with students and parents. 

I am not Letting the students Off the Hook for their Actions 

What really bothered me about this story are the parents of the students involved in the fight.  As upset as they are with the principal for her comments, they should be more upset with their children. These students deserve to be punished not only for fighting, but for fighting over something that did not involve them.  The conflict was between the girlfriend and the boyfriend and the other students should have stayed out of it.

Police indicated the black students involved in the fight belong to a gang called the 54 Mob.  Parents and community leaders of the neighborhood where the black students live stated:

“54 MOB, they say, is merely a group of young men from Scotland who dress in red and black, the colors of their Michael Jordan sneakers, and play on the last two digits of their Potomac ZIP code.”

I know teenagers have trends, but why in the hell would you allow your child to be form or be apart of a crew, mob or click? They are representing their zip code?  it is not their zip code, these kids don’t own property, they don’t make the money to buy the $100.00+ Jordans that they have on their damn feet!!!  

We all know that they are playing off of the whole thug image that stems from hip-hop and other entertainment forums.  And if the parents knew about this 54 mob then they need to be reprimanded as well.  These children should not be dressing the same or wearing the same colors because they are apart of a “crew” or “mob” 

The purpose of school is to learn and receive an education, and these students in the 54 Mob have a chance to attend a good high school in Montgomery County and they now have screwed it up.  If they are suspended or expelled, this will go on their record and could hurt them in the future in obtaining employment, especially those who decide to work for the government or other high security jobs.  So as angry as parents should be at the principal for making that inappropriate comment, they should also be just as angry at their children who were involved in the fight.


2 Responses

  1. Yo Native I agree with you that the letter was badly written.Also You are from the DC area as I am. I can assure you that the majority of times I see folks acting like fools in public they are usually black. In fact our dysfunction (of some black folks)is obvious. The question is what to do about it I have got a couple of innitiatives that I would like to work on. Some of these things are in an effort to raise the intellectual level of black folks. I know black kids arent the only folks who get into fights at school, but it is also obvious to me that we are the ones acting out at higher levels than anyone else.

    I think a fundamental problem as it relates to black folks and our behavior is that a lot of our people do not have very much depth, so what ends up happening is that some of these folks act out in ways to bring attention themselves. Simply speaking too many black are not well rounded enough to know what to do with themselves. Its all about education, learning our history which will give more black folks and appreciation for ourselves. Anyway I got some Ideas I would like to try to implement that I think will make a difference. We would be consultants and trainers on this project. Anyway I also would like compliment you an a really nice blog. Peace your brother from Oxon, Hill

  2. I am also developing a mentor program at Potomac high School hit me up at and we can talk.

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