U.S. Is Not Saying Who, or What, Was Hit in Somalia Raid

What disturbs me the most about this story is that the U.S. may have killed 50-100 innocent people just to get to 3 men, 2 may have escaped.

With the advance level of intelligence agencies that our country has, I find it hard to believe that we could not have captured or assassinated this 3 men in question.  1 of the three men in question had a relationship with Bin Laden.  So wouldn’t it make more sense to capture him and attempt to find Bin Laden’s whereabouts?  If we can find these 3 men why can’t the U.S. find Bin Laden?  You know who Bin Laden is right?  He is the one responsible for Sept. 11, and he was the scape goat President Bush used to invade a country that had nothing to do with the attack.  I digress….

So instead of trying to capture these alleged terrorist, we decide to bomb a location knowing that there would be innocent lives lost.  It’s almost as if this administration has no respect for human live, especially when it comes to brown people in this world.  Some may not agree with me, but this is how I feel. 


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  1. I concur…and I’m sure anyone with a conscience would agree.

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