Barbara Boxer’s Grilling of Condi Rice

I knew conservatives would attempt to have a field day to jump on Rep Boxer’s statements she made while questioning Secretary of State Condi Rice.  Fred Hiatt wrote a great piece in the Washington Post. 

Anyone with any type of common sense understands that Boxer was not criticizing Rice for being single or not having a family, what she was being hammered for was being apart of an administration who decided to invade a country based on faulty intelligence; Rice was hammered because no one in the Bush administration including Rice, has served an the armed forces or served in any of this country’s previous wars. 

All of the ignorant Neo-Cons claiming that Boxer was sexist in her comments are way off mark.  Project 21 (a conservative black think tank that alleges to be non-partisan), said that Boxer’s comments were somehow racist, and were only made because she was a black conservative.  Project 21 is the most annoying think tank out there.  They claim to be a group of African Americans who stand for what is best for all; but they are nothing but a cover for the Neo-Cons who could care less about the middle class or people of color.  Project 21 is a joke. 

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