Jack Johnson: Please Put Down the Crack Pipe

Oh yeah Jack, we believe you (read story).  We believe that you were not close to the director of Homeland Security that you appointed.  Keith Washington was a friend to Jack Johnson; who in the hell does he think he is fooling?  You don’t appoint people to heads of agencies and not have some type of rapport with them. I second the recall Johnson campaign. He is not fit to run this county.  I voted for Baker, but some of my ignorant county residents are lazy and voted for what they know a backward thinking  idiot!!!


One Response

  1. Yo Native I dont know much about Jack Johnson but if what your saying is correct then I would love to see him go down. But of course that will never happen untill black people hold thier leadership accountable, ignorance of issues are no excuse because with google and the access to info that it gives you one can figure out whatever it is they choose to figure out. Jack Johnson will remain in power until black folk start holding thier leaders accountable. mark bey

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