Teacher Punished for Slavery Film Clip (Punished for teaching History)

This story really does not surprise me at all.  I understand the need to implement policy against showing students rated R movies in class.  But firing this teacher crosses the line.

This teacher only showed a clip from Amistad.  This movie should be used as an educational took in schools across the country, to demonstrate the ugliness of slavery, and how this Country and the United States Government purposely crippled a group of people based on skin color.  This teacher was using this film during Black history Month and rightfully so.

I find it interesting that another teacher who shows Saving Private Ryan was only reprimanded for  his/her actions, but this teacher was fired for showing clips of slaves being tossed over board and whipped. 

Is this really about policy?  This is about the public school systems in this country not wanting to accurately teach United States History; which includes slavery.  For some reason, they only want to teach students about Martin Luther King and his I have a Dream Speech; and any history before that time, is not acceptable.  they don’t want to teach how this country choose wealth over decency by instituting the economic tool of slavery. 


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  1. I don’t see why the teacher was reprimanded. When I was in high school (in the 1990’s), our teacher (a white male) showed the entire Roots series over the course of a few weeks. We then had to discuss it and write a report on it. We also saw Eyes on the Prize. No, he didn’t get permission from our parents, and no one made a big deal about it. This talk about showing R rated movies is nothing but garbage. These kids look at R rated images every day, from video games, to music videos, to summer movies. They need to learn about the real violence done, and how it affected real people.

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