Drama at the U.S. Government’s Top Welfare Program


When I first heard this story  yesterday,  all I could do is think…… what type of crazy people are we sending into outer space?  Let’s break this down:

  • She traveled 950 miles from Houston to Florida to meet this woman at the airport
  • During  her 950 mile trip to attack her co-worker, she wore a space diaper to avoid bathroom stops
  • Police found the following accessories (also found in a list she composed) in her car:   
    1. A Steel Mallet
    2. Folding knife
    3. Rubber tube
    4. Bus Schedules and maps
    5. Trench Coat and a wig

Lisa Nowak indeed has serious issues.  And what is more disturbing is how her NASA family and the media are just stunned and shocked on how something like this could happen to one of America’s “chosen ones”

Everyone is trying to find an excuse or a reason to explain how this could happen.  The media along with her NASA family keep saying that she had a break down.  How do they know it was a breakdown?  Did they give her a drug test because she looked high as a kite.  They have not performed any psychological test to determinee if anything .  Then the judge had the nerve to  release this woman on bond? 

It really is not that hard to believe that this could happen, I don’t know why people seem to be in so much disbelief.  No one is hardly even talk about the woman who she tried to attack and possibly kill.  if I was her I would be pissed that they are focusing on the attacker more then her.  Can imagine if this two woman were on the same space mission?  That could have been a very ugly situation.  Just imagine what the aliens would think about us cutting up like that in outer space???  lol I had to throw in a little humor. But there is more to this story that they are not telling us and will come to light…


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  1. Yeah Native that broad had some serious issues. Also no offence but I like Nasa.

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