School Plan Opponents Confront D.C. Council

I was watching this story on the 5 o’clock news today and was stunned; Stunned to see how unprofessional and ghetto some of DC’s parent activist were in engaging the council concerning the Mayor’s plan to take over of the public school system.  It turned into a shouting match in the hall.  Once channel 7 releases the video footage on their website, I will post it.

The Post  reported on this story today as well.  I am not a D.C. resident, but live close by in Prince George’s County.  I have worked in D.C. and have friends who are teachers in the District.  THEY NEED HELP NOW.  And if Mayor Fenty is willing to take over and take full responsibility for whatever happens in the school system, I say go for it.  Those of us who ride metro in and out of DC in the afternoon and have to ride the train with some of these kids know, that this change is long over due. 

Valencia Mohammed and Cherita Whiting (DC parent activist) said that the Mayor’s proposal would allow him to sell land to developers and would have no benefit to the students of DC.  Here is a question I have for them


DC and Prince George’s County Schools are a complete mess.  our kids are not performing to their full potential and part of the problem is lack of responsible parental guidance.  My friends who teach in DC tell me stories that are so unbelievable.  About parents who are just don’t give a damn and as a result, their kids are left ot fend for themselves.  So instead of these two sisters beating up Mayor Fenty and calling him a "Hip-Hop" Mayor (whatever that means.  This man has a law degree and is highly educated) who will not be able to do anything, perhaps they should concentrate on conducting themselves like professionals and help some if these ignorant parents who have for whateve reasons, checked out of the childrens’s lives.  But after seeing Cherita cut up today on the news, I see why some of the kids in DC act the way they do.  I know I may get some negative feedback on my comments, but I don’t care.  Our children in MD and DC need help.  We don’t have any more time to see what the school board and a group of parents, who have been involved in the old failing system, have to suggest or do anymore.  Time is up.


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