House GOP: Straight Trippin

Why is this an issue?  Nancy Pelosi  is from California,  and since 9-11 they will not let the Speaker of the House to fly commercial.  Why was this never an issue while Republicans were in control of the Congress?  Do the Neo-cons have nothing else better to do? 

It is amazing how they are making such a fuse over what type of plane House Speaker Pelosi is flying in but did not even make half the fuss over the President’s secret wire tapping program, or the other illegal abuses of power he took when it came to the conflict in Iraq.  Even the White House has backed Pelosi up, so the House GOP’s  people need to seriously get a grip…  Here’s a thought: Why don’t the House GOP’s focus on why in the hell the Republican Adminsitration allowed 12 billion dollars cash to be transported by plane?  Maybe they should focus on why half of the money can’t be accounted for….


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