Country Music Fans Still Bitter over the Dixie Chicks

When I read this article I laughed.  The Country Music Community is still mad at the Dixie Chicks over their comments about President Bush.  These young sisters exercised their freedom of speech and they get pounced on by country music fans. 

“Most country stations aren’t playing the Chicks, and they aren’t going to start now,” said Jim Jacobs, owner of WTDR-FM, a country radio station in Talladega, Ala.

My response:  Who cares what you think; they won 5 Grammys.  That is one of the highest industry award you can get, even higher the the Country Music Awards.

“I think (the listeners) are outraged,” said Tony Lama, program director for KXNP in North Platte, Neb. “This is rural, conservative America. They are just disgusted.”

My Response:  And there lies the problem; ignorant, rural southern conservatives who still wave the Confederate flag on their front porches.  These people will follow anyone as long as they are republican, even after this administration used faulty intelligence to invade Iraq, they still support Bush. 

“If you’re trying to offer an olive branch to country radio, that’s not the way to do it,” said Ken Tucker, Billboard country music correspondent. “The Chicks are celebrating being the outlaws.” 

My response:  Who say they have to offer you an olive branch?  They are not apologizing for what they said.  Did this clown not listen to the single fromm their latest CD?  it’s called: “I’m Not Ready to make Nice”  So what made him think that they are trying to apologize to the country music community???  And who in the hell uses the word “outlaws”  This is not the wild wild west .  See some of these people think we are still involved in the Civil War.  News Flash: The Union won the war!!!!!

 I think Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks summed it up when she said: 

That the Chicks weren’t even nominated for a CMA award shows how narrow-minded and parochial Nashville’s Music Row can be, Maines said.

“Country music, as far as radio and the industry, they are all right there on four blocks in Nashville,” Maines said after the show Sunday.

Congrats Dixie Chicks!!!!!

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