New Jersey Minister: Straight Trippin

All I could do is shack my head when I read this article on Eurweb.  Pastor Clenard Childress of New Jersey, says that Obama is bad for blacks because he stands for things that traditionally black people don’t tolerate.  He has even created web-site attacking Obama.  Of course when you hear black ministers and black conservatives say buzz phrases like: “black morals” or “traditional black values”  in other words Abortion.  In this country there is something called Separation between Church and State; historically we have played with it, teased it and included it in politics, but it has no place.

Here is a suggestion, perhaps conservative black folk, especially preachers should focus on black children who are all ready here; those in the foster care system, those black children who being raised by ignorant or dysfunctional parents.  That is what the church should be addressing, not a woman’s right tochoose, or who wants to get married.  Did the black church not learn the first time about supporting republicans just because they oppose abortions and gay marriage? 

The black church, especially the mega black churches, have sold their people out.  They opted to lay down with dogs in order to get paid (faith based initiatives)  and most of them besides the super mega church Pastors, didn’t even get a piece of the pie.  This Clown Clenard Childress clearly has been bought and paid for by the GOP and conservative blacks to attempt to cause division and confusion.

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  1. Must all African Americans be Democrats (let’s talk about being bought and paid for by a political party)? Must all Christians be conservatives? And could it be that the President really believes that the church is far more capable of drawing people out of their brokenness thant he government?

  2. I am a Christian and a Democrat. And you are right, Democrats have taken black people for granted, but the GOP is not bettter, so let’s not get it twisted. I believe in seperation of church and state; so even if I thought that abortion and homosexuality was wrong, we should not legally impose our views on people.

    And the President doesn’t believe that the church can better help people more than the government. He is an agent of the Elitist in this country. The Elitist used their financial power to put someone in office who would help them keep more money in their pockets at the end of the year. The Elitist in this country feel that they have down enough for the poor in this country; so let the masses take care of the masses. This is all about the rich staying rich and maintaining wealth. The President and his admin use the church as a cover.

  3. The problem with preachers in general – not just black preachers – is that you don’t really need to actually know very much to be one. You don’t need to have clear, analytical thinking, and sometimes not that much education. You just need a good speaking voice and a good line of bullshit and that is often enough. So its not surprising to me that many black ministers have jumped in bed with the right-wing based delusional thinking and/or simple greed.

  4. OK. OK. I take offense to the idea that “preachers” don’t really need to know very much to be one. Indeed that is the case from time to time, but I spent 11 years of my life in higher education learning how to do my job; which includes how to analytically and critically read scripture and other literary works and to react critically and analytically to culture. More than that, just about anyone can bullshit their way into a job and their way through a job. The pastors who do so are not alone amongst professionals who are quite capable of B.S’ing their way through almost anything. The question I have is this: can Christianity trascend the political and cultural climate in the United States and actually start bearing the image of Jesus in the world?

  5. I agree.

  6. J4jesus

    ” The pastors who do so are not alone amongst professionals who are quite capable of B.S’ing their way through almost anything.”

    mark: Greetings brother Native, personally I despise all religions ever invented by man. Although I must admit that christianity has been used and inspired many people to do humanitarian things. I myself am 100% percent opposed to all religions what particularly offends me is how religious institutions and sects can try to influence secular law when different sects believe that all other sects are going to hell. I find that a reprehensible notion to promote. For instance catholics, Jehova witnesses and seven day adventist to name a few believe that everyone except their sect of religion is going to hell. What a retarted and stupid thought.

    I am disgusted with the black church and thier failure to develop themselves. I agree with Native they should address the health and education issues of the black community in an obvious and labor and thought intensive way.

    Lastly preachers are supposedly called by god so to excuse the false is unacceptable to have them bsing the black community when our lives, health and well bieng is dependent on them giving us straight thoughtful and honest advice. Why does god allow false profits whos actions hurt and cause people thier lives to be in front of human bieng in the first place.

    I have a way to end the false prophets put a limit on any black preachers salary that says they cannot make 20% more than the average african american. If they are called it isnt about the money but about making the world a better place.

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