Mother Defends Brother over Her Own Children


My heart is heavy this morning.  When I read this story yesterday, I wanted to punch a hole in the wall.  I was disgusted by this young man’s behavior.  This ignorant fool (pictured below) actually videotaped himself giving weed to his nephews (ages 2 and 5). (Video Clip)
Take a good look at this idiot.  He endangered two innocent children.  So many questions raced through my mind as I read this story.  What in the hell was mother doing?  I believe in all my heart that she knew her brother was not responsible.  In my opinion, my assumptions were somewhat validated, by the response she issued to the incident:
March 4, 2007 — The mother of the two toddlers who police say are seen smoking marijuana on a videotape says she was devastated to see her brother allegedly giving drugs to her sons, but insists he never meant to hurt the children.
Shatorria Russell, 21, told ABC News she was at home at the time of the incident, but in another room.
Wait a minute…. she was in the house when this happened and she couldn’t smell the weed???  BS!!!!!  How dare this girl, even lightly defend her brother and his ignorant ass friends.  Then she really pissed me off when she said:
“I know he don’t mean to never hurt my children,” she said.
I just have question:  why are the great-grand parents raising the great-grand children??  Where are the grandparents, or even more important, the damn parents?? Authorities are all ready saying that there is a faint laugh coming from a female in the background, which means that the mother was not asleep!!!
 Did she mean that she knows that he never meant to hurt her children; or was she saying that he never means to hurt her children (to imply that he has put her children in danger before.) 

I am hoping that this was only the first time and not something that was on going.  The mother does not deserve to have her kids, if she thinks that her brother never meant to harm her kids.  She put her brother’s ignorance over the well being of her own children!!!
I am so pissed, because in this country, I would say that roughly 75% of the images we see on the news are negative.  Am I wrong for feeling this way?  For some reason I feel so embarrassed.  I know that we are diverse, but when they only show the negative side of our people, the perception is given that we all are ignorant.  This perception, then leads to stereotyping and keep the perpetual wheel of racism and discrimination going.  I am just really sad and frustrated right now.


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  1. I was watching a news story about his last night. The police investigator mentioned that the kids appear to really be taking — inhaling — some serious hits. Not the kind of behaviour one would expect from a 4 year-old first time user. If true, that indicates the kids have at least been exposed to the behaviour, if not participating in it before.

    I share your frustration. I think it is hard enough for african americans to get really positive air-time on the news, and idiots like this just don’t help.

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