19 Year Old College Student Dead in Prince George’s County

This is crazy!! This young man had so much promise.  Where is Jack Johnson??  He is too busy cashing in on he Harbor Project.  And can someone please explain to me what the role of the Metro Transit Police is?  When do they patrol?  Are they at every Metro Station?  I never see them at the metro stations. 

I have been to Addison road many times and I can tell you that it is people hanging all around that station; and they are not waiting for their rides to pick them up. 

Until the citizens of my County understand that we must come together and hold our elected officers accountable for implementing policies that will benefit the whole community, these types of crimes will continue to happen.


5 Responses

  1. Yo Native you are correct, but this is also a failure of the black community and leadership to be honest about the crime issues that affect and hurt our people more than others in the country. Until we decide as a people that we have lost way too many young men to these streets and to senseless violence this will continue to happen. You can blame public officials all you want to the reality is that thier is way too much crime in PG County and in general thier is way to much crime in black america and I am tired of adults making excuses for it.

  2. First of all, Native Son, Jack Johnson is the biggest joke in PG County. However, the PEOPLE who re-elected him should be held accountable as well. PG could be a wonderful place to live, work and play, but until things change, they will only get worse. I don’t live in the county myself, but used to visit friends in Lanham and New Carrollton. No more, as I just don’t feel safe in many parts of PG.

    As for Metro Ploice, it is staffed by some great men and women, but they need to be deployed to the stations and on trains more.

  3. Gil: you get no argument from me there. I can not for the life of me understand why people in my county re elected this clown. I agreewit hyou 100% I blame us or, those who voted for him because I sure as hell didn’t.

  4. Native.. I can definitely understand and appreciate the positive and potential economic impact the Harbor project will have, not only for PG, but the surrounding region as well. I also welcome any opportunty for dollars to be pumped into the local economy and the provision of additional jobs. However, people are not going to come if it is an un- safe environment, I don’t care how “upscale” a place deems itself to be.

    While crime in PG will not be totally eracicated, a proactive stance towards the crime should have been done years ago. It seems each time there is a surge in killings, the police chief and Johnson mobilize the troops. Such a reactionary stance may work for a few weeks, but after it’s done, the killings start all over. Something of a more permanent basis needs to be done.

  5. Gil: I could not have said it better, as a matter of fact in one of my updated post, I say the same thing. If a community is crime ridden, it will not matter if we get the new harbor or a Wegmans. And your right, everytime there is a surge in crime, High comes out and talks his talk, they take action for a week or a month, then its business as usual.

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