In The News and On My Mind

Additional Troop Increase Approved.  We keep handing this man free reign over our well being.  When will it stop?  When will the Democrats take a firm stand and buck up? 

Some Suspect an Assault was a Hate Crime.  Was this a hate crime?  Let’s see how the investigation goes.  The father of the victim was on the Al Sharpton’s show.  the Account of what happened are still cloudy.  I will wait and see what the police come up with.

Lawmakers Vow Hearings on FBI Errors.  What is there to investigate?  We all know that the Patriot Act was a violation on our privacy and freedom.  From day one, this administration has butchered and abused their powers.  I say use this case as well as the faulty intelligence andthe Scooter Libbby scandal to impeach the President!!

Letters to the Editor: Crisis at Largo High Needs Real Follow-Up.  There is a new breed of parent that I just don’t understand; the parent who blames everyone else except themselves.  The incident in question took place at Largo High School.  A food fight turned into a fist fight, and the police were called.  The police had to regain control some force was necessary.  Now parents are claiming that the children were rough handled.  Here is a suggestion to the parents who wrote this letter to the editor: talk to the parents of the children who are misbehaving at school.  Parenting starts in the home and if it is not there and not started as soon a the child comes out of the womb, parenting becomes much harder.  These parents complain about the “system”  but they are the ones who control and run the school board and PTA.  If you want to make a change in Prince George’s County public Schools, then it is up to parents to demand a change and hold the school board and other officials responsible!!!

Gingrich Rejects Accusation of Hypocrisy.  I can’t believe the audacity of this idiot.  Gingrich had affairs during both of his marriages and at the same time spear-headed the impeachment of President Clinton.  Now Gingrich says that he is not a hypocrite for some odd reason.  if that was the case, why did he leave Congress so abruptly?  One minute he was there and one minute he wasn’t.  Perhaps he was embarrassed and knew he was a hypocrite

D.C.’s Ban on Handguns Thrown Out.  I am stuck in the middle when it comes to gun control for the District.  Since gentrification, the make up of D.C. is steadily changing; more upper middle class people have moved into the city from MD, VA and other states in the country.  And they want to feel safe.  So they have organized and pushed for a change. 

Harry Belafonte is 80 years old, and is still on fire.  Here is an interesting piece on Mr. Belafonte


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