Sharp Drop in Gays Discharged From Military Tied to War Need

Sharp Drop in Gays Discharged From Military Tied to War Need

What bothers me the most about this story, is the disrespect of some of our soldiers.  Joint Chief of Staff, Marine Gen. Pace said that homosexuality is immoral.  But they are apparently not too immoral to go to Iraq and risk their lives with the rest of the heterosexual military population. 

I find it interesting that Pace is not outraged with all of the lying and faulty intelligence that his Commander and Chief created to invade Iraq.  Creating falks information to invade a country for personal gain at the expense of our troops is immoral.  

I have family members and friends in the military, some of which served in Iraq, and not once have that mentioned that gay people were hitting on them or harassing them or keeping them from performing their duties, so what is the big deal? 

Marine Gen. Pace needs to focus on why woman soldiers and armed forces members are being raped and harassed by men.  in an article called “The Private War of Woman Soldiers”  exposes an ugly truth about our armed forces.  Woman are being raped and are dying because some men have no respect for females.  This disgusts me on every level of my soul.  But Gen Pace would rather worry about the sexual preference of a solider then the brutal raping, discrimination and lack of respect for our military woman.


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