Police Seek Extra Help After Weekend Slayings

As many of you know, I am a resident of Prince George’s County, and Chief High and Executive Johnson are a huge Joke.  The Washington Post  posted a piece on our Police Chief asking for additional help.  What happened to that comprehensive crime plan?  This is nothing new in Prince George’s County.  Stepping up patrols is great, but the problem is the community as a whole.  We have the highest concentration of professional upper middle class black people in the country, yet we don’t reflect it. 

Those of us who are successful, hide behind our gated communities and housing development complexes, and ignore that all around us, down the street, around the corner are neighborhoods that are crime ridden. 

We by pass Largo to shop in Montgomery County and spend in or money in VA because Prince George’s County doesn’t even have the stores that we so like to shop at; buy default we just got Macy’s in Prince George’s County. 

As citizens of this county, we need to hold our council members and government officials accountable for cleaning up our county.  Jack Johnson’s only concern is that damn Harbor Project by the Wilson Bridge.  He could care less about crime in our County. 

Okay so we increase police presence but now what?  How about enforce the laws that are on the books and pass new laws that hold parents responsible for the actions of their children.  Make them take parenting classes and fine them.  I know this sounds harsh and insensitive, but something haves to give, it is not getting better in our county.


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  1. I deeply feel your comments, but the problems in the African American community are deeper than many of us suspect. At the heart of many of the tragic killings is a deep rooted sense of self hatred and disrespect. These conditions, stemming from enslavement and oppression, are passed on from one generation to the next. When added problems such as bum educations, lack of jobs, poverty, absence of role models and bombardment of negative imagery exist, it’s like adding fire to fuel.

    As a successful, educated African American male resident of PG County, I see many young brothers and sisters who are greatly impacted by conditions in our/my community. But I must say, I don’t know how to get through to them. Being a child of the 70’s and early 80’s I am as distant from today’s kids as I am from the moon. Although I believe I understand what impacts kids so negatively, and yes racism, white supremacy must be factored into the equation, I can’t understand how to help or impart knowledge to them.

    Also let’s face it, many parents, not just African Americans are in a child like state themselves. Good parenting comes from love and knowledge, not the threat of punishment or jail time.

    Ultimately, I think these problems are going to be solved by giving kids mental and physical outlets, fixing these damn schools that are handicapping African American children, helping them see the bigger picture, teaching them that the world is bigger than their hood or being disrespected. Finally, open and honest conversation about the negative imagery in movies and music will have to happen. I like rap too, but there is more to the world than flossin, blingin and bitches.

  2. B-Real:

    I am feeling what you are saying. The problems that we face today is a result of historic racism. As a result we as a community has lost our sense of purpose. How do we get it back? It is not an easy answer or solution. but we have to try. Each of us will have a different way of giving back, and the combination of efforts will pay off.

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