Metro’s Attempt to Control School Kids

Metro Has A Lesson For Unruly Students.  Fine the parents. Hit them in the pockets, I am sure they would learn to behave.  Also take away their metro cards and make them pay full price.  Starting a stupid campaign is not going to curve their behavior. 

On the green line from L-Plaza to Branch Ave is the worst!!!! Those who catch that line know what I am talking about.  These kids have no respect for themselves or other people.  They are loud, use profanity, and some even talk about getting people beat up and shot.  Thank goodness I work in MD now. Sometimes I would say something to the kids, but was told by metro that I should not confront them, but rather hit the call button and they would handle it.  Well what if I am on a crowded train and not close to one of those buttons!!!! 

Metro claims they have plain clothed officers on the trains, but I have never seen any undercover busts on the train where kids are being reprimanded.  It is time to hold parents repsonsible for their lack pf parenting, and they don’t know ho to parent, then they should be forced to take classes!!!


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  1. Yo Native thank you bringing voice to an issue that has been annoying me for a long time. You are right I believe that we as a people should have a series of town hall meetings especially in the highest crime and poverty plagued areas. I think we need to have an honest talk about what is appropiate and inappropiate behavior, what is good taste and bad taste ect. This meeting needs to be brutally honest and contain clear and workable steps for our advancement. Those kids you see acting out on the subway are kids I and others see as well until enough black folk are humilated by such behavior and feel empowered to do something get used to it my brother.

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