Prince George’s County Response to Multiple Bloodshed

What a week.  I have been thinking all week about how to stop the madness in Prince George’s County.  This was in today’s Post:  Pr. George’s Police Move To Abate Bloodshed

I know come down pretty hard on the Police Chief, but enough is enough.  I am applauding his efforts to organize 3 special homicide task forces, but this should have been done a long time ago.  But increasing police forces is only part of the solution. 

High’s Comments on Crime

Where are our elected officials?  Why haven’t they sounded off about the violence this week?  Where is our County Executive?  Where are the local chapters of the NAACP and other community organizations?  Where are the hundreds and hundreds of black churches that sit on every damn corner and shopping plaza in Prince George’s County?  Where are those in the community who are socially conscience who have the means to give back and help??  Black folk are good at getting up every Sunday picking out best piece of clothing to attend church, but as soon as they let out, you don’t hear from them until the next Sunday

Executive Johnson continues to hype Prince George’s County as a growing beacon of light for the Washington, D.C. area.  He insist that our county is getting a bad rep from the media.  He is right, we are getting a bad rep, but it is because of his lack of understanding.  It means nothing that he brought economic and real estate ventures to the county if people are afraid to leave their houses!!!  Who cares that there is a new Wal-Mart in Landover Hills, so what that a Wegmans Grocery Store is being built.  It means nothing, if the neighborhoods are crime infested.


2 Responses

  1. Native the police cannot solve this problem, only enlightment and education of black people can solve this, oh and it well require that all of us (especially brothas) make changes that are engrained inside of our wigpieces. Thier is very little the police can do when folks in the nieghborhood are supporting the criminals that make the niegborhood worse. If so many mothers are willing to accept cash from thier sons who sell crack to people in the community (including vunerable folks, folks with mental issues and pregnant women) then all of these things we are going through will continue to happen.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Where are the elected officials, the ministers, their church folk, and the thousands of “I’ve made it” negroes in PG County to stand up and protest what is going on???? They don’t care. The ministers are too busy competing on who has the biggest congregation, house, and car. The elected officials in PG are too busy ripping the ciitzens off (M. Bland) and the affluent residents are too busy trying to keep up with each other to care. There are some people doing things to help out, namely the radio stations in this area, but they can only do so much. Someone needs to call the alarm at churches, call the elected officials to the mat and demand change. However that will not happen because people have become desensitzed to violence and don’t care. Not only do people not care but it is so easy for a “fed up” resident to pack it up and move away from the foolishness and leave the “natives” to their own demise. Spike Lee needs to come do a movie about PG County and at the end of it redo that scene at the closing of the movie where Laurence Fishburn kept saying “Wake Up” over and over and over again. It is truly time for not only PG county to wake up but Black America in general.

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