teachers Fired for Teaching Black History

You have to read this one. School Cancels Black History Month Program Says its Too Graphic.  I don’t know what these teachers were thinking by reading a poem about the brutal murder of Emmet Till. 

Emmet Till’s murder by four white men  is not apart of American History.  Main Stream America only want blacks to know that Lincoln symbolically (not physically) freed the slaves and that Martin Luther Kings gave the “I have a Dream Speech” on the Mall. 

They don’t like talking about the many speeches and writings of Dr. King showing his anger against the system that opressed his people  and high opposition of the Vietnam War.  God forbid that Negroes talk about the anything dealing with the aftermath of Jim Crow such as the lynchings and firebombings of the homes of black residents.  No, No.  This way too much for American children; they will not be able handle the story of Emmett Till.  Keep that checkered part of American history within your homes in the black community.


3 Responses

  1. Nothing like having the white people tell us which version of OUR history we are supposed to commemorate or learn from… How dare we remember the whole story and suggest that our future generations learn its lessons…

    (Not that I am Black, but as a fellow PoC I’m saying it generally.)

  2. Aaminah: Once again you hit the nail on the head. Thank you for posting, your comments are welcomed

  3. I bet if my history teacher were alive today, he’d be fired too. He was an old white guy who wasn’t afraid get real with the students. He was the type of person who showed our class the entire Roots mini series. He also showed us the JET magazine with the Till pictures. He was also the kind of person who said acts like lynchings, church bombings, and the murders of civil rights workers were acts of terrorism. He referred to the KKK as a terrorist organization. Those words stuck with me to this day. It’s sad to think other kids aren’t being taught these same lessons. I think that’s why this country getting into deeper messes around the world every day. We can’t understand other people until we start to understand ourselves.

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