Gangsta Rap Coloring Book; Super Pimp Comic Book

A black Gangsta Coloring Book?  You have to be kidding me.  Once again, black people are being underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.  If the creator of this book thought that this was an innovative way of making rap look stupid, then think again.  There will be someone buying this book for their child thinking that they are “keeping it real”

The book, created by freelance artist Aye Jay of San Francisco, is meant to pay homage to gansta rappers but it has raised the ire of some in the African American community.

On the back cover, the book highlights glowing reviews including one who says: “Cop this and get the young guns in the game early.” Another writes: “An automatic weapon, a set of crayons and this coloring book. What more could a growing boy ask for?”

The book is being sold by, among other outlets, Urban Outfitters on the company’s webpage. The company has previously been under fire for selling a Monopoly-style game called Ghettopoly, and for selling Christmas ornaments shaped like glittering handguns.

I really don’ know what else to say, I am disgusted by this, but even more disgusted at the fact that we have created a sub-culture in our own communities that applaud violence and thug  persona.  I am tired of hearing the excuse that majority of rap is purchased by white people so we can’t blame hip hop, or we should stop trying to fit in or meet white people’s standards. 

We are not trying to meet white people’s standards.  What we should be doing is not promoting negative behaviors and passing them off as being a part of black culture!!!! 

Here is a description of the book, taken directly from the website


You gots ta break out the 164 pack of Crayolas on this bitch! The NEW GANGSTA RAP COLORING BOOK is in the hizouse, shorty.

NOW WITH MORE GANGSTAS!48 pages of line drawings of ‘Gangsta’ rappers, done with the thick black line we all remember from the coloring books of our youth. In a smaller self-published edition, the book was an immediate hit with the few people who were able to see it.Now expanded in this Last Gasp edition from 20 to 48 pages, the book includes all of the top rappers and their underground peers:

  • Dr. Dre
  • Ice Cube
  • Schooly D
  • KRS One
  • … and many more.The juxtaposition of the outlaw image of the rappers with the childlike innocence of a coloring book makes for an instant laugh. So, um, buy this coloring book and, er, keep it real dog?

    Oh but Wait, it Gets Worst

    Return of the Super Pimps


    Here is the press release on this BS

    During the 1970’s, five protectors – Blackbeard, Foxy Mama, Homeboy, GhettoBlaster, and Sidekick – known as the Super Pimps kept the Hood safe and delivered justice with a strut. But that all changed on one night in 1979, and the Super Pimps were no more.

    Now, almost thirty years later, Detective Jackson Maple still believes in his childhood heroes and sets out to reunite the Super Pimps, just as a familiar evil returns to The Hood after so many years.

    “Don’t let the word ‘pimps’ throw you,” urges award-winning screenwriter Richard A. Hamilton, the writer/creator of “Return Of The Super Pimps”™. “This comic isn’t a spoof or parody of Blaxploitation films – it’s a story about redemption and how all of us, even pimps, have the potential to be heroes, so long as we aspire to do the right thing. That being said, if you love Soul Cinema and straight-up superhero action like I do, ‘Return Of The Super Pimps’™ is the
    book for you, dig?”

    “But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the dynamite artwork of international superstar Ulises Carpintero and the vivid colors of Jasen Smith and Maria Laura. These guys are the finest undiscovered talents out there…until now!”

    “Return Of The Super Pimps”™ #1 (of 6) is a full-color, full-length comic book on sale on the official website as well as solicited in the December Diamond Comics Previews catalog. Look for news regarding the release of Issue #2 soon.

    Dial “C” For Comics, LLC, is supporting the “Return Of The Super Pimps”™ series with an appearance at the New York ComicCon February 23 – 25, 2007 at the Jacob Javits Center. Look for more information at the Dial “C” for Comics and Atlantis Studios booths. 

    Look what has happened black people.  Look at how the world sees us.  We are half to blame for buying into this crap ourselves.  Now look what has happened.

    Urban Outiftters is carrying the the Gangsta Coloring Book.  When I called to complain, the customer service rep had the nerve to tell me that it is marketed for adults.  I don’t any adults who have crayons or who color.  Who did she think she was fooling?  Urban Outfitters caters mostly to trendy young adults.  And know they have decided to package negative destructive images of black people to main stream America.  And some of it is from our own creation.  Wake up Black People!!!!!!


    27 Responses

    1. You have got to be kidding…you got this from “The Onion” or from Saturday Night Live right? It can’t be real (sorry, denial is my friend this week)

    2. DJ Black Adam:

      Oh how I wish this was some cruel ignorant joke. but it is real, you can even go on to buy this garbage

    3. I am D.E.A.D. I can not believe this crap.

    4. Geez, ya make me almost go ignant. I wanna say “What the ****!?” There are so many ways that we continue to drag ourselves down and we don’t even need others to put us in our place because we seem quite willing to stay there on our own. Too too sad. We really need to grow up and step up.

    5. Aaminah:

      You don’t know how I felt when I heard about these stories, I almost went ignant…lol You are right on point with your comments

    6. Shit. You just made me cuss out loud with this one. Just a damn shame. *sigh*

    7. If you want to waste some money, Urban Outfitters is the place to go. Spent 15 minutes in there once, and I’ll never get that time back. In addition to the stupid racist coloring books and games, they sell cheaply made vintage-style clothes at hugely inflated prices. If you’re looking for real vintage clothes, try the charity thrift stores, swap meet, grandma’s house, or neighborhood yard sales. They have much better, affordable stuff.

    8. CreoleInDC:

      Yoo should have heard what I said outloud when I first read this story…lol

    9. If you knew the artist you would know that he is nothing more than a hip-hop junkie who grew up listening to all the artists that are featured and that this coloring book was created as nothing more than an innovative way for him to share his love of the artists that influenced him the most. He spent much of his younger years drawing these so-called gangsta rappers and now he is simply sharing that art with the rest of the hip-hop world!!! If you knew Aye Jay you would definitely know that this is targeted to hip-hop junkies, not kids, and wasn’t meant to offend anybody. Lighten up and live a little!

    10. woodyhosler:

      We are Culturally Conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color. That’s all I have to say

    11. The sad part is that somebody will buy this for their ‘shorty’, ‘lil playa’, or ‘baby pimp’. Make ya wanna holla.

    12. I have nothing to say except that we have set ourselves up for mockery like this. We have not petitioned the media in its portrayal of ethnic groups in newscasts and television shows. 99% of Black shows out there are comedies. This subliminally tell Whites that we enjoy laughing at ourselves, even in serious situations. We are all buffoons that fumble simple and complexed situations in life per the media. This is no different than BET.

    13. It’s obvious the “freelance artist” still thinks like a second grader – Oh wait…I shouldn’t insult my daughter (who is a second grader) like that…she’s much smarter than he is! I wonder if the rappers/artists who are featured in his coloring book aware of this creation, and what are their thoughts/outlooks on this? He is an idiot! Find another project – one that is healthy and empowering for your community!

    14. Oh yeah…”The oppressed becomes the oppressor”

    15. “We are Culturally Conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color. ” = Best excuse I’ve ever heard. Gimme a break. What’s next? The “Mental Slavery” line of b.s.?!?!?!

    16. “its cool to be gansta” is the mesage that is implied to the young people here in New Zealand,its a shame to see our youth infected by the message of bad ass gansta rap,I am not blaming all hip hop/rap/crunk stylez for this,but this colouring book man is not a winner,gangs infect my Town with violence and crime and it sux major,turn the music back around to promote healthy culture not hate for which ever side of town you live on or ill respect for women,I could go on!!!!!!!

    17. i might be white but i dont think that people should be doing that. making stories becuz not all colored people is like that. i think that the only reason that people are like that is becuz the have nothing better to do. i mean its stupid. and i think people should have more respect for colored ppl. i dont know i mean they think that colored ppl are bad and they are not. i think the only reason why some colored ppl act the way they do is becuz other ppl make them that way. and they dont know what else to do.

    18. Impartial Says:
      November 6, 2007 at 2:14 pm
      “…Gimme a break. What’s next? The “Mental Slavery” line of b.s.?!?!?!”

      YEP, mental slaves to da DOLLA DOLLA BILL.

    19. The only way that this conditioning can work is IF WE ARE WILLING PARTICIPANTS IN IT. No one is holding a gun to our heads and telling us to create this $hit; no one is holding a gun to our heads and telling us to coon it up. Our deliverance has got to start and end WITH US, and more importantly with those of us who have the right mindset.

    20. And one more thing: if you have COUNTRIES (not blocks) on lock, if you can STEAL ELECTIONS, if you can invade countries and invent a bull$hit reason why you are invading that country and get the sheep to go along with it, if you can flood neighborhoods and countries with drugs and can convince them that that is the only way to survive, if you reside on Pennsylvania, or in Langley, then and only then ARE YOU A REAL GANGSTER. Anything else is nothing but a slave-like imitation.

    21. woodyhosler, you’re dead on. It was made as a tribute to the childhood the artist spent listening to a lot of these artists and his love of drawing, the two activities which culminated into this. It’d be like calling the Ego Trip series of books undervaluing, marginalizing and so forth. It’s not aimed at a community of Yung (Next Southern snowman to blow up) fans. The intro was done by J-Zone. Look up J-Zone’s work. He’s a clown prince in hiphop, not much different than Prince Paul, Biz Markie or Shock G.’s alter ego. It’s like looking at the movie ‘Bamboozled’ as if the show portrayed in the movie were actually on television. Well, depending on how you bend that one … you could find a few close calls. I digress, though.

      I’ve been a hiphop fan since I was five. I’ve read countless books about the culture, salvaged more hiss-pop radio cassette recordings than I have regrets, and I’m a self-admitted recovering backpacker. I’ve revisited a lot of the stuff I listened to coming up, some albums I respect tons more and some I don’t (e.g. UGK – Ridin’ Dirty resonates pretty well, especially after making it out of that cycle and having friends on both sides of the life).

      I’ll give you this: the marketing will continue to co-opt hiphop culture if the book is being sold at a place like Urban Outfitters.

      I’ve just broken my proverbial Native Son commenter hymen. I’ve been a reader for quite some time. You do a spot-on job, and I look to your viewpoints when weighing in on a lot of things. I don’t flash a platinum ghetto card when I’m out shopping, but I’ve got plenty of credit in the bank. I’m a realistic spokesperson amongst a lot of folks in my professional and personal lives that would get clowned on.

      Anyone looking to break my comments down to an atomic level, Main Source already took care of that in 1991! 🙂

    22. Whose views are you trying to challenge? I would guess that most who frequent your site dig what you’re saying. Aren’t you in fact, preaching to the choir? It’s not like you are trying to change the minds of whites…(they guilt themselves enough)…Parents who dont give a damn about raising their kids, Entertainers making billions off nigga shit this nigga shit that, certainly don’t give a damn about an intelligent viewpoint concerning black folks. Dude, I am not challenging your view at all, and agree with what you are saying…The fact is I didnt need to hear from you…neither does any of the people that happen to your website…no disrespect intended. Leave the ole’ woe is us shit along…start spewing positive shit…we dont need to hear we are victims all the time…if someone doesnt know it by now…they never will…I applaud your website…we definitely bookmark it and stop by it frequently…but broaden this shit to show we are more than a skin color…


    23. Terrell: out of all due respect; I am not pulling the ole whoe is us shit as you put it. I don’t like negative stereotypes of black people; even when my own people don’t seem to understand. I am glad that you happened onton my blog page; but I am free to comment and write on topics that I find of interest. If you don’t like it well that is your choice and you can also choose not to visit my page anymore; the choice is yours

    24. Is everyone so blind that they cant see this was just a novelty book?
      You cant all be so self absorbed that you think this book was actually intended to be colored by little kids right?
      People crack me up….lol
      Your all reading waaaaaay too much into what was simply a joke!

      When I was a teenager I went through my gansta rap phase and listened to most of those artists that are in the book and I can totally vouch that the content pushed on those records was perfectly equivalent to the portrayals in the coloring book. Brotha Lynch talked about eating babies for fucks sake!? And thats just one example…They all talked about doing violent stuff in their music so obviously making a coloring book about these kind of entertainers is just a gag for young adults and anyone else that grew up listening to this music.

      There should have apparently been a warning on the book claiming:
      “You cant read this if you cant take a joke!”

    25. Joke? So not funny…

    26. i’ll toast to that!

    27. Thank God for Charlie Parker up there. If you seriously are offended by this book, then just give up now. This was obviously a mockery of gangsta rap/ rappers. It is meant for people to laugh at (which I currently am because I can take a joke), not to take seriously as some “step back” for a race.

      Everyone takes shit so seriously nowadays. Stop trying to read into things that are not meant to read into. Laugh about it like anyone with half a brain is doing, and complain about something real like gangs and problems that actually affect people in real life, not some coloring book meant to berate “thug” rappers.

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