Prince George’s County Government: Clean House

Citizens of Prince George’s County need to clean house with every public official in office.  After I read this article I almost punched a hole in my monitor.  Officer Vacations; Suspects Go Free; Prince George’s Robbery Trial Delayed 7 Times.  I can’t believe that county courts and police department did not allow this officer to testify because he was on off duty status.  Then he took a vacation and the suspect was released because of time limits???  Heads need to roll!!!!!  This is outrageous 


2 Responses

  1. I agree, this is outrageous. The people in charge should lose their jobs for incompetence.

  2. Jack Johnson, Glenn Ivey, and the officers of PG county, starting with Melvin C. High need to be removed and replaced with competent, proactive, efficient individuals capable of running a county effectively and above board.

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