DC Public School Leaders Finally Wake Up

District Toughens Graduation Policy.  Well it is about time.  There is no point or value to the students or society by pushing children through the public school system.  A school system needs to challange students, give them resources to get an education, and hold parents accountable for the development of their children; all is what is lacking in D.C. Public Schools and other school systems in tis country.

What I still don’t understand is why school officials and law makers, won’t also challange parents by implementing benchmarks and policies that will hold them accountable for taking an active role in the child’s education. 

I am tired of hearing the excuses by some parents on why they can’ make PTA meetings and other school events dealing with their children.  Call your children’s teachers, send emails, call the PTA President for updates if you miss a meeting.  If parents need help, they need to seek help by enrolling their youth in one of the numerous mentoring programs in the Washington, D.C. area. 


One Response

  1. Yo Native right on, you are correct I put most of the blame for the failure of our kids in school on the parents because in reality if the parents were on top of thier game the schools would automatically be that much better.

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