Gays and the Black Church

Here is an interesting article Joe Madison discussed on his show this morning: For Some Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others.  I applaud this Minister in Atlanta for his efforts.  He may have lost 300 people in his congregation, but who cares.  Those were probably the ones that weren’t contributing nothing but a mouth full of opinions anyways.

 I know people in general, get bent out of shape when it comes to homosexuality.  And in the black community, it is the ultimate no no.  Let me clarify that I am Christian, and I do not believe that everything in the bible word for word is from God.  God has given me common sense to know that people can change and alter things to their advantage. 

It is about time that we in the black community stop blindly discriminating against black gay people.  We all have at least one gay family member and one would think that it would not be such a big deal. Sure we can pull out a couple of verses in the bible and assume that God hates the act of homosexuality, but let us not forget that white slave holders used to scripture to justify slavery.

Black folk still can’t seem to get over a few scriptures they read in a book which has been passed down from generation to generation and molded by people such as King James.  We take every worked of the bible to be true to God’s word.  Do we honestly think that every single word in the bible was that of God? 

I know I am starting to rustle some feathers now….. tough, it’s my blog

I find it interesting when I hear black folk say things like:

  • The black man is experiencing so much pain and oppression because he has turned his back on God;
  • Hurricane Katrina happened for a reason; because it was a sinful city and God was sending a message.
  • AIDS is a gay disease and as a result black people are being some how being punished
  • Woman don’t belong in the pulpit
  • Black Woman having jobs and careers and being independent is somehow hindering the black man from progressing and is making it difficult for men to provide for woman; and as a result black woman are turning towards lesbianism.

I would continue but my head is all ready spinning by citing some of a few of the most ignorant things I have heard some of my people say.  I have a cousin who is gay, she is in the Army and served in Iraq war effort.  She makes me proud regardless of who she is attracted to.  When the bullets and bombs go off, they are not hitting a certain type of person, there aren’t gay bombs and straight bombs.  If one of her fellow co-workers have fallen, she is not going to ask them their sexual preference before trying to save their life. 

In the black community we are at the bottom of every social list regarding education, health care, and incarceration so how does Homosexuality play into that?  It doesn’t.  These are the issues that the black church should be addressing.  

Having common sense, one would think that the black church would focus on these very vital issues, but they are more concerned with who is sleeping who and saying ignorant catch phrases such as: God Made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. 

I also find it ironic that we believe that gay marriage will cripple or somehow diminish the Institute of Marriage, when the numbers shows that almost 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce, and in the black community people are not even getting married, so it is not gay people making a mockery of marriage, those of us in the straight community are doing a fine job of that.  I have heard black people say that we should kill all gay people or send them on their own island; it’s funny that is what white people use to say about us……. 

I am tired of driving past 50 churches on every corner in black neighborhoods that are crime and poverty ridden.  Our children are growing up ignorant by the minute and can’t read on their appropriate grade level, but we are so worried about who is gay.  Wake up black people, our mental and social health in on the decline and it has nothing to do with gay people

3 Responses

  1. In many communities of color, LGBTIQ issues are swept under the rug. Thank you for your great post. In the Asian/Asian American community as well, people who identify as LGBTIQ are sometimes not considered part of the community. Some even suggests that it is a “western”/white people disease (I’m guessing that it’s contagious?)… That’s up there with some of the comments you mentioned.

  2. Black folk still can’t seem to get over a few scriptures they read in a book which has been passed down from generation to generation and molded by people such as King James. We take every worked of the bible to be true to God’s word. Do we honestly think that every single word in the bible was that of God?

    Yo Native great post, you already know how I feel about this situation but hey you are the one who left this intellectual morsel of red meat out so dont blame me for nibbling.

    Native it aint about scripter its about hypocrisy, the bible also says that fornication and adultery are sins as well
    in fact it mentions fornication a lot more than homosexuality also the results of fornication (70% percent out of wedlock birthrate, 48% of children without a contributing father and the aids epidemic) are clear in black america how come the church dosent talk about the other sins mentioned much more than homosexuality in the bible that are crippling our progress.

    Also for a group commiting the sin of fornication to the tune of 70% out of wedlock birthrate shouldnt the preachers insist we remove the plank out of our eyes before complaining about the splinter of homosexuality.

    This is selective morality also the goverment and black celibrities like Magic Johnson told the church that aids was not about bieng gay but they still continue to pop that yang inspite of all of the people bieng infected in the black community.

  3. Thought this might interest you and/or some of your readers:

    Welcoming Gays and Lesbians
    Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church will host a presentation by a minister/father and his lesbian daughter at 10:30 AM on Sunday April 22 at 7400 Temple Hill Road, Camp Springs. The daughter will talk about how this church accepts her for who she is, but other church communities create national discussions that reject her for being herself. The father discusses how he got beyond liberal acceptance to affirmation and celebration of his daughter. The talk is free and open to the public; a free will offering will be taken.
    The Davies Church is exploring becoming a “Welcoming Congregation,” the term used for Unitarian Universalist churches that have undertaken the educational process to become intentionally accepting, affirming, and welcoming of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered community. The church is handicapped accessible. For directions or more information: or 301-449-4308.

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