The Department of In-Justice

Okay let me get this straight:

  • The President won’t let his key staff members involved in the firing of 8 U.S. Attorneys to testify under oath or allow any transcripts to be recorded of their unofficial testimony
  • U.S. Attorney General Gonzalez will be on the Hill to testify in April.
  • The Legal Aid for U.S. Attorney General Gonzalez, Monica M. Goodling, will plead the 5th Amendment when she is called to testify;
  • And it is now known that the FBI, which is an agency under the Department of Justice, repeatedly provided inaccurate information to win secret court approval of surveillance warrants in terrorism and espionage cases, prompting officials to tighten controls on the way the bureau uses that powerful anti-terrorism tool, according to Justice Department and FBI officials.

What is there to hide?  Apparently the truth.  How is it possible for Gonzalez to testify under oath and his own staff members and legal aids plead the 5th?  It doesn’t make sense.  The Elitist and conservatives of this country have taken over the People’s Justice Department.  The Agency in which is supposed to set the legal tone of our country.  It is no wonder that ourstate and local level law enforcement agencies are falling apart.  If the head is not right how is the rest of the body supposed to function? 

We must also keep in mind that the U.S. Department Department of Justice also is the lead on protecting the Civil Right’s of all Americans including the protected classes.  How can Civil Right’s be maintained when the people in charge lie and make decisions based on political agendas and not the law. 

When the President of the United States can create policy (The Patriot Act)  which clearly violates the right’s of its people, there are bound to be abuses of power which trickle down to local jurisdiction.  The corrupt leading the corrupt.  And through all of the emails and documents that support that Gonzalez did indeed know about the firings of these attorneys, our President, the one who was appointed by the Supreme Court not the people, stands by his man.  Perhaps because he knows that his own White House staff members had a direct hand in the firing of these attorneys. 


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