Interesting News Stories

Kudos to the 500+ Howard University students who chose to spend their spring break in New Orleans to assist Hurricane Katrina victims attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives. 

Prince George’s County Parent Heather McKee  sets it off in her letter to the editor about the problems in the Prince George’s County Public School System.

Family gets $2.4M in boot camp death: Now Martin Lee Anderson’s parents wait to see if the state Legislature will give them $5-million more.

Here is a lesson that the United States should consider learning.  England Church Considers Reparations.  What is most revealing about this article, is that when England finally abolished slavery, the Church still continued to own slaves.  Once the church finally freed their slaves, the church was paid 9,000 punds per slave to make up for lost labor……  The slave holders were actually paid for loss of production….. truly amazing…..

Former Death-Row Inmate Would Get $1.9 Million: If Court Approves, Va. Will Compensate Wrongfully Convicted Man Who Came Within Days of Execution. 


There is no amount of money in the world that will ever return this brothas life back to what it was, but this is a well and just form of restitution.  I wish him the best.

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