Outsourcing Affirmative Action

Here is an interesting article on how Universities are now recruiting more black people from other countries as a way of filling their diversity requirements. 

in the past few years we have seen this country slowly shutting the door when it comes to black Americans in this country.  Most people claim that black people whine too much and dwell too much on the past.  Some even claim that we are lazy. 

As we saw last November, Michigan residents voted to end affirmative action in their state, thanks to Ward Connerly, a black man who by the way benefited from affirmative action when he first started his consulting business.

According to this article, a study was conducted where it showed that most people thought that foregin black people were “much easier to get along with.”  I say recruit world-wide, but also make sure that you find diversity here within the united States.  There are many talented smart Black American children who qualify  to attend these institutions. You may have to look harder but they do exist. 

The thing that bothers me the most was the attitude or perception that foreign blacks are easier to get along.  This causes some Africans, not at all, to carry the attitude that black Americans are lazy and don’t want to work. 

Some Africans have been culturally conditioned by what they hear from Americans, that the way to become successfully once they come to America is to befriend white people and stay away from black people at all cost.  

 This causes the internal rift between Black Americans and Africans in this country.  I want to restate that I said some Africans and not all have this perception.  This is another clear example of how black people in this country are underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.


2 Responses

  1. As overall educational levels/quality drops across the board here in the US (as far as high school goes), I suspect that more students in general will be recruited from overseas. I think the drop in educational attainment, including college prep, probably affects minorities disproportionately high, because as a group they were already behind.

  2. Immigrant African students and first generation students whose parents are from Africa generally outperform African-Americans in public education and in college. The reason for this is that they are like every other immigrant group that comes over here from an impoverished nation, they want to better themselves and they are the “cream of the crop”. I will agree with you in regards to the rift between blacks and Africans as I have asked my co-workers from Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, etc what is their view of African-Americans and many said that before coming over here, it was negative. Alas, we do not control the media nor its content.

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